Highway Crash Derby v1.6.1 Mod APK

Highway Crash Derby v1.6.1 Mod APK direct download for Free.

Highway Crash Derby v1.6.1 Mod APKHighway Crash Derby v1.6.1 Mod apk is a compact and attractive car racing game Game Studios has released Koma Studios.
Take your racing car to the highway and to the extent that can cause an accident!
Highway traffic moving in and wait for an opportune moment to be able to create a massive traffic accident on the highway.
No matter how much you can spend more time without an accident you get a better ranking!

Android Highway Crash Derby Game Features : 

6 different types of vehicles including: 
- a sports car with Rocket
- a police car
- a minivan with a cargo of explosives
- an ice cream truck with the music player and special abilities
- a device vehicles secret, hidden inside a large box