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Alliance Wars: Global Invasion v1.860 APK

Alliance Wars: Global Invasion v1.860Alliance Wars: Global Invasion v1.860 super nice and made a strategic online game is Game Studios Mindstorm Studios.
Grow your Empire in a Day with UNLIMITED CURRENCY TO INSTANTLY COMPLETE ALL your Buildings
Prepare your Alliance for War and spread your Dominance in all corners of the empire in this modern military strategy game. Form powerful allies and lead your army in battle with the sole objective of complete annihilation. Build, research and upgrade the best units, buildings and facilities modern warfare has to offer and start expanding your empire.


★ BUILD THE PERFECT ARMY including marines, snipers, tanks, drones, and more.
★ DEPLOY MODERN WEAPONS including tactical nukes, emp waves and orbital HARRP strikes.
★ DYNAMIC WAR ARENA that delivers realistic battles and captures the unpredictability of warfare.
★ CONTROL YOUR ARMY in battle to surgically capture enemy bases.
★ FORGE ALLIANCES with millions of allies from around the Globe
★ SAVE THE WORLD from multiple terrorist organizations to unlock achievements in this MMO military strategy game.
★ CHAT WITH THE WORLD by sending messages between your Allies to formulate your war strategy


Network Scanner Premium v2.2.9 APK

Network Scanner Premium v2.2.9 APKNetwork Scanner Premium v2.2.9 program that IP and MAC addresses and host names will show on your local network. It also has a scanner port (tcp) and utilities is small.

Network Scanner Premium Android app features : 
- Check the hosts on a range (the range of) possible addresses in the network
- View network equipment manufacturer
- Ability to specify a range of port numbers, Pursat scanner scanned
- port scanner detector all registered services
- the IP, MAC addresses and hostnames, with the possibility of copying to clipboard
- calculate IP
- DNS problem
- intelligent scanning function of the port scanner


Voice changer with effects Premium v3.2.8

Voice changer with effects Premium v3.2.8 change your voice and listen to his voice has changed entertained!
Voice changer with effects Premium v3.2.8Record your voice, apply effects and share them with your friends.
You can change your voice directly from Whatsapp post!

Includes effects:
• Normal
• Helium
• Robot
• Big robot
• Squirrel
• Drunk
• Backwards
• Monster
• Nervous
• Giant
• Telephone
• Cave
• Cathedral
• Dark side
• Alien
• Grand Canyon
• Fan
• Devil
• Child
• Sheep
• Overlord
• small alien
• Megaphone
• Death
• Everything is spinning
• Hexafluoride
• small creature
• Optimus Robot
• Android
• Villain
• Battery low
• Shrinking
• Cyborg
• Duck
• Extraterrestrial

Voice changer software with effects Premium Features:
✓ Share (WhatsApp, Email, Dropbox, etc ...)
✓ stored in the internal memory / SD card
✓ create a picture with audio. You can share it on Facebook
pre-recorded audio import ✓
✓ Set as ringtone
Set as notification sound ✓
✓ and ..

Fake GPS Pro v4.7.6

Set your phone location to anywhere in the world with just one click, if you need to develop or test other apps ability to track GPS information without the need to catch a GPS signal then this app is for you.
The following is needed to make sure the app runs smoothly:
Fake GPS Pro v4.7.6

1 - It is needed that you turn on "Allow Mock Locations" on Development Settings
2 - It is recommend that you switch location mode to "GPS Only" or disable Location Services altogether to avoid receiving cached mock locations after stopping Fake GPS, if this happens check our help section inside the app.
3. Make sure you run Fake GPS first before running your app.
To help development you can use the following commands from the command line:
adb shell am startservice -a com.blogspot.newapphorizons.fakegps.START -e latitude 11.11 -e longitude 32.21
adb shell am startservice -a com.blogspot.newapphorizons.fakegps.UPDATE -e "latitude" 1.11 -e "longitude" 0.21
adb shell am startservice -a com.blogspot.newapphorizons.fakegps.STOP


Sniper 3D Silent Assassin Fury v4.2 Mod + Data

Sniper 3D Silent Assassin Fury v4.2 Mod + Data is one of the best games of Sniper for Android in Google Play Store has been released by the game company ONEGAME INC.
Sniper 3D Silent Assassin Fury v4.2 Mod + DataThis is a three-dimensional shooting game with amazing 3D graphics engine.
You can log in to the game as an elite sniper who trained in harsh environments America is the role of the military academy. He is a new soldier, but quickly through each of the missions will be professional.

Sniper 3D Silent Assassin Fury has a deep story line. You'll encounter different enemies. Other features of this game can be enemies with different personalities and abilities, a variety of powerful weapons, challenging missions, three-dimensional graphics, great controls, unique locations and noted that the pleasurable experience of a shooting game offers.

Install the game Sniper 3D Silent Assassin Fury: 
1. APK file to install the game.
2. After downloading the data file and remove it from the compressed mode, its com.onegame.sniper3dsilent folder in the path of Android / obb place.
3. Run the game.

Sniper 3D Silent Assassin is the one of the best sniper games for Android on Google Play.
This is a 3d shooting game with amazing 3D graphic engine. 
Join game and you can rpg into a elite Sniper who training from the harsh environments of American Army Academy. He's a new soldier ( not a SWAT), but so fast he will grow up through each mission, each killer contract. He will become a legend or not is up to you! 
Game has a deep storyline. You must face to so many enemy kinds. Character classes in game : Double Agent, Drug,Terrorist, Bomber man, Assassin, Mafia, Super Natural Man, Sniper, Bravo, Fighter, Kung Fu man, ... All the kind of people in the life. Everyone also is able to become Crime. You have to use brain to analytic information and detect target soon. After that, strike them, perform headshot skill or fast and accurate technique. If you're detected by target, they'll be able counter and you'll be suffered their fury. Some enemies is true hitman, he has good ability. Face them and you'll sense be like a PVP match. 
Game with large mission system make you feel satisfied. Gone with the call of judge. Pick gun and shoot all criminal gangs, destroy their squad. Join the battle, hunt criminal and let's protect your city, your country. Become a true commando, a top sniper and ultimate shooter.

***HOW TO PLAY***- Use coins to buy modern weapons in the shop.
- Upgrade your sniper rifles to reach mission recommended.
- Play wanted missions to earn money, and buy new gun or upgrade to play new primary missions. 
- Play it anywhere
Sniper 3D does not require you to be always online in order to have fun( a offline game). You can enjoy it in the subway, while flying on a (real) plane, in the car on the road, during services in a temple (or maybe even on toilet!). From time to time, it may be needed to download additional (free) content from internet.
- Sniper Rifle MVP SCOUT: Within the past few years the scout-rifle concept has become quite popular
- M14 US Rifle
- CHEYTAC M200 states that the system is capable of delivering sub-MOA accuracy at ranges of up to 2,500 yards (2,300 m), one of the longest ranges of all modern-day sniper rifles.
- SV98 - sport shooting rifle.
- BARRETT M82A1 - The largest damage weapon.
- WA2000 - use multiple bullet kinds.
- AWP - It has proved popular as a civilian, police, and military rifle
- ASW338
- CS5 lacks in range and velocity, it makes up for this by being the fastest firing bolt-action rifle, having the best mobility
- M40A5 a bolt-action sniper rifle used by the United States Marine Corps
- DRAGUNOV is a semi-automatic sniper/designated marksman rifle chambered in 7.62×54mmR and developed in the Soviet Union.
******NOTE ****** This game is so amazing so you shouldn't play game 2 or 3 hours / day to keep your health.
* In game , have a blood scenes and violence. You may want to keep away it from your kids , younger boys and girls. Even anger men shouldn't also play it .
Let's download game and start combat, join the battle with Sniper 3D Silent Assassin NOW!

File Expert Pro 8.2.4 Download

File Expert Pro - File Manager v8.2.4 ultimate app for managing your files on mobile phones, tablets, PCs and cloud storage server. This is one of the most popular file managers on Android.

File Expert Pro 8.2.4 Download
File Expert Pro Android application features: 
- Access to the gallery, video, music, e-books, documents, applications, plug-ins, files APK, files Zip, favorites
- Access your phone's SD card, external SD memory card and the phone's internal storage on your start screen
- Powerful file management - Support for major file operations such as copy, cut, paste, delete, create, sort, rename, send, contacts, favorites, Hide, Create Shortcut. Batch operations, etc.
- Multi-tab file manager
- GCloud - Free cloud service with powerful features
- Labeling - mark your files with user-defined labels
- recycle bin
- Ultra-fast download and resume file
- Web PC Suite - available to your device from your computer browser
- Shtrak share my content, client network, remove a button
- Ability to change themes
- Search in cards SD, perform operations on search results
- Web PC Suite - the ability to share HTTP in earlier versions. When enabled, the service turns your mobile into a HTTP server and can use it wirelessly to a computer or tablet, see the appearance of Windows.
- Sharing FTP - used when the service turns your phone into an FTP server and you can manage your files on other FTP clients.
- Wi-Fi Send - Send files via Wi-Fi directly between devices File Expert app
- Share DLNA - Turn your phone into a full DLNA media server! Access your files in Windows Media Player you
- Full-featured Bluetooth capabilities include OBEX FTP, OPP
- Manage, extract, create and view archive files like ZIP / RAR / GZIP / TAR / TGZ / BZ with the possibility of direct extraction
- Thumbnail photos
- Image Viewer - supports both local and remote folders
- Powerful Text Editor
- Use one app to access various cloud services! With support from Google Drive, Dropbox,, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Ubuntu One and etc.
- Remove and backup programs. Backup of programs and data to GCloud
- Access your host computer from phone-Samba Client, FTP Client, SFTP Client, FTP Client, Bluetooth Client
- Root access to system folders and files like Root Explorer. Remount possible
- And …

World of Tanks Blitz v3.2.0.467 APK

World of Tanks Blitz v3.2.0.467 APKWorld of Tanks Blitz v3.2.0.467 one of the games made by the company Wargaming World game is popular and has been downloaded over fifty million times on Google and more than 560 thousand people to rate it 5.0 from 5.0 to have. Android version is exactly the same as the PC version of the game that made the gameplay is of course completely to become a good online mobile phones has changed. Your tank to fight the aliens who want to destroy the land you have to choose from. More than 100 tanks with stunning graphics and touch controls are easy and using them can enter the battlefield 7 vs. 7 tank containers are not a lot of charm. Many opponents seek to destroy you and your friends, each from a different direction of attack, such conduct should be high speed and firing them not to think about.

Some of the key features of World of Tanks Blitz Android game: 
- There are more than 100 tanks from Germany, Great Britain, the United States and the former Soviet Union
- There are four different classes of tanks including: light, medium, heavy, and tanks Terminator
- 7 online battle tank against tank 7
- 10 unique battle arenas to do battle for you including deserts
- Ability to chat in the game
- Innovative crew upgrade system
- Detailed instruction
- Ability to invite friends to play online
- Completely free of charge and without any payment
- Easy to learn and intuitive touch controls
- Added new missions and various personal challenges and difficult
- Realistic physics and graphics when performing various missions and battles
- And …


SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool v4.3.4 Patched

SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool v4.3.4 Patched is a powerful application that helps you keep
your Android device tidy and clean. The software can then root your phone's system files are available to hide. This is because in the event of damage to the files, your phone will also be on disability. The program files directory on the SD Card limits do not remove them wrong.
Powerful file manager allows searching of files by means of Searcher, using CorpseFinder to search for hidden directories and files and compare it in the list of installed programs, AppControl to freeze, reset and remove applications (even system apps ), SystemCleaner to scan the directory containing your device and filter out unnecessary files and possibility to create your own filter, optimize and shrink databases to speed up access and free space, displays the largest files, finding files modified in the last X minutes, etc. other features of this program.

This is a powerful tool! With your own risk!

Gangstar Vegas MOD apk + Data v2.7.0m


Download Gangstar Vegas MOD apk + Data v2.7.0m for Android.

Gangster Vegasaction game regular version + mode version with diamonds, keys, money and infinite

Gangstar Vegas MOD apk + Data v2.7.0mGangstar Vegas on a dangerous journey through the City of Sin in the latest episode of this hit game open world action-wheel. This fascinating game product is a reputable company Gameloft.

Fun for gun battles, sweeping and brutal ready!

* Because high-quality graphics used in this game, your device after installing 2.5 GB of used space. *

Welcome to Las Vegas outrageous
√ Play as a martial art (MMA) fighter combines in one effective and hard game modes
to play in 80 missions filled with action √
√ Build up a gangster team to take over Vegas and win mafia wars

Endless fun
√ Explore a bigger city, nine times the previous Gangstar game
√ Perform amazing stunts with ragdoll effects using the Havok physics
√ climbs on tough challenges such as air, water and street racing, MMA fighting & more!
√ become the best shooter in the case of murder and robbery Vegas (carnage & heist)

√ access to unique weapons like Molotov cocktails, flamethrowers and an electric guitar!
√ crazy and insane driving vehicles including monster trucks, power cars and fighter jets
√ upgrade their skills and equipment, and customize the look they
√ enjoy an amazing soundtrack featuring Skrillex, Kavinsky, Chromatics and more

Install the game Gangstar Vegas:
1- installation file (apk) Install the game.
2. Decompress the data files and folders in it in the Android / data put .
3. run the game.

Problem solving licensed game:
the first two programs Setting your Android device and Google play service cache and delete your Google play store; (Clear Cache button) then activate your fillet-Rshkn. Google search market to execute and play above and click on download to a few kilobytes downloaded. After that, download the installation files and data, stop and put to use here and the game will run without a license.

Mode version features: 
Unlimited Money
Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited Keys
Unlimited SP


Minecraft: Pocket Edition v0.15.8.2 Final Mod

Minecraft: Pocket Edition v0.15.8.2 Final Mod , a game about placing blocks to build various structures and go to the next adventures.
Minecraft: Pocket Edition v0.15.8.2 Final ModPocket Edition version of the game modes include Survival and Creative (survival and creator), play multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, and more.
For their own construction, blocks in different shapes and sizes with different structures and arrangements, and you can fit in your comments. All components required for the construction with steps placed at your disposal.

Mode version features 1: 
1. Unlocked premium skins

Mode version features 2: 
1. Unlocked premium skins
2. No damage mod
3. Unlimited breath
4. Max Inventory Size
5. 1 hit kill with weapons
6. Infinite fire furnace
7. Max score
8. Indestructible Tools

What's new in 0.15.8:
- Fantasy Texture Pack
- Various bug fixes
What's New in Version 0.15.0
- Realms! Play with up to 10 friends cross-platform in worlds that exist anytime, anywhere. Try a free 30-day trial in-app!
- Xbox Live support, including achievements
- Xbox Live Cross Platform Session Browse (Join Your Friends Games)
- Pistons - the final piece of Redstone functionality!
- Jungle temples & zombie villages

APK Editor Pro v1.6.8 Paid + Mod APK

APK Editor Pro v1.6.8 Paid + Mod APK is a powerful tool that can APK files to do a lot of things
edit / hack. It can help us do things like string localization, background image replacement, layout re-
APK Editor Pro v1.6.8 Paid + Mod APKarchitecting, and even remove the ads and remove access and other help. What it can do depends on
how you use it. However, to make good use of it, needs a little professional skills. Do not be afraid, some examples are given in the help page. The Professional Edition (Pro), compared with the free version, with the following differences:

This is the pro version, compared to free version, here are some extra features:
(1) Support smali code editing
(2) Support app data editing
(3) AD free

Updated Version Changes :
patch upgraded with new engine example
recovered 'Make it as a plugin' for pkg rename
new setting item, optimization & fix bugs
fix crash issue for color editing
to V2.1.3 upgraded smali
more friendly color editing , and fix bugs
opened translate plugin interface (just interface)
add new feature - patch
support file search name
fix bugs

minor UI fix

3C Toolbox Pro (Android Tuner) v1.8.3 Patched APK

3C Toolbox Pro (Android Tuner) v1.8.3 Patched APK , most comprehensive toolbox for Android
version 2.3 and L for each rom and kernel. 3C Toolbox Pro combines the features of Battery Monitor
3C Toolbox Pro (Android Tuner) v1.8.3 Patched APK Widget, System Tuner, 3C Toggles etc. in a box easy-to-use tools to control, monitor and optimize your Android device. 3C Toolbox Pro combines the features of many paid apps like Titanium
Backup, Greenify, BetterBatteryStats, App2SD, Seeder, ROM Toolbox Pro, SetCPU, system Panel,
root Explorer, Autorun Manager, Terminal Emulator, Script Editor, SD Booster, BuildProp Editor,
ATK and many others. 3C Toolbox Pro works on rooted phones better, but also works on non-rooted phones .

► device management * 1 
◊ device profiles (CPU, IO, components)
◊ Schedule tasks (management program, erase, etc.)
◊ care device to automatically activate a profile, run tasks or display alarms
◊ saving batteries using the profiles and tasks

► File Explorer * 1 
◊ Copy / Paste batch, Zip, delete, move, Atshark sharing and distributing files and folders
◊ Change the access and ownership (ownership) files / folders
◊ Access all your Samba network share

► Application manager * 1 
◊ Backup and apk / data applications (different versions), SMS and contacts
◊ remove system apps and update cleaner
◊ sharing and backup of email programs , DropBox, Google Drive and ...
◊ Move any apps to user, system, SD or Link2SD
◊ Freeze / unfreeze apps, crystallize (eg hibernate / greenify) and control app startup and events
◊ lined Zip, Clear cache, Clear cache dalvik, repair and optimize database access
control ◊ notifications, access, lock (secure access), rotate and force the program on the screen * 2
◊ usage statistics and standby (find apps draining battery )

► Network manager 
◊ Set WiFi access point priority
◊ Configure Android firewall, DNS, TCP * 1 Density

► Task manager 
◊ Czech consumption of CPU, network and memory
◊ Kill (default) or forced stop * 1 any apps or kernel processes
◊ Automatic task killer, memory booster, memory cleaner

► System Control * 1 
◊ CPU governor, frequency, voltage, controls GPU, thermal control and Mpdecision
◊ edit Build.prop and sysctl (basic and advanced mode)
◊ enhance, analyze and benchmark SD cards
◊ Management memory, memory cleaner, SD linker (binder directory)
control ◊ fsync, sweep2wake, gamma, and fast charging
◊ safe: restore defaults or restore programs and GPU settings in boot loop

► System Monitoring 
◊ All Android applications or all processes, battery, CPU, network, memory
◊ Component status (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Phone, APN)

► Status bar notifications 
◊ Battery, CPU, memory, SD, temperature optionally with graphics
◊ Add the remaining battery bar at the top or button
◊ remove the main battery icon

► Fully customizable widget 
widget ◊ adjust the size of
text widget ◊ 1 × 1 and 2 × 1 (only PRO)
graphical widgets ◊ 2 × 1-5 × 2 (only PRO)
in size toggle widgets ◊ 2 × 1- 5 × 2 (only PRO) * 1
◊ widget summary 4 × 4 (only PRO)

Toggle system (manual or widgets on profiles) 
◊ Localization GPS, WiFi
◊ WiFi, BT, BT discoverable, APN, NFC, airplane
◊ connection (USB, WiFi, BT)
◊ brightness, screen timeout, stay awake, flashlight
◊ ringer, vibrate, synchro, background data
◊ debug (on WiFi), unknown sources, storage USB, restart

► terminal emulator and script editor 
commands ◊ History
◊ Run or test any scripts, optionally in the boot
◊ Share scripts, commands and outputs

► reading lists (Logs) system * 1 
◊ Logcat messages or kernel (core)
◊ Advanced filtering and search

And many others that eye will see ☺

* 1 Requires root and kernel support for full functionality
* 2 Requires root and Xposed framework